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What is FTA (Free to Air) ?

Free To Air satellite is a term used to describe satellite signals which you can legally receive without a subscription. Most free To Air satellite content exists on C Band or Ku Band.Unlike satellite television which requires a subscription, Free To Air satellite channels are not encrypted.
To receive Free To Air satellite programming, you will need:
A satellite dish (Either C-Band or Ku-Band)
A Free To Air satellite receiver or PC card
An antenna motor (If you wish to receive channels from more than one satellite)
LyngSat maintains an excellent list of Free To Air satellite television channels reachable from the United States. Free To Air satellite is often abbreviated as FTA satellite.

What channels can I get with your receiver?
You will receive channels that are digital MPEG2 and not scrambled. You can find a listing of these channels (and others) on or

Can I use my DirectTV dish?
You can use the standard 18" round dish and LNB. This will allow you to receive many of the popular US and Canadian native satellites. The oval 3LNB dish is not capable due to the integrated switch.

Can I use my DishNetwork dish?
You can use the standard 20" Dish 500 and LNB. This will allow you to receive many of the popular US and Canadian native satellites.

What size dish do I need?
Normally, within the boundaries of the continental US, you can use a 75cm (2.5ft) dish. Fringe areas should use a 90cm (3ft.) Or larger dish. Southern Canada or Northern Mexico should use 90cm or larger.

How do I find the satellite?
The satellite you want to use will be determined by the programming you want to view. Telstar 5 is a very popular satellite for ethnic channels, Bloomberg, etc. Locate your satellite/programming on one of the web sites listed above and align your dish to that satellite.

I heard there are channels on C-band as well. Will your receiver pick up C-band?
Yes, it will receive C-band and Ku-band. Of course C-band requires a larger dish, a C-band feed, and LNB.

How do I peak my dish?
Simply purchase an inexpensive signal meter for this purpose.

I want two receivers. What do I need?
You will need a dual LNB. Normally, this will be a direct replacement for your existing LNB. You will need to run a second coax from the dual LNB to your second receiver.

I want more than two receivers. Now what do I need?
You will need the twin LNB(2 outputs) and a device called a multi-switch which allows for several receivers. The most common is a four receiver switch.

I want more than two receivers and more than one dish or LNB. What do I need?
Each LNB must be a twin LNB(2 outputs). For each LNB you will require a Multi-switch. For each receiver you will require a DiSEqC switch.

Can I use a diplexer to consolidate my local broadcast channels with my satellite signal?
Yes, you will need two diplexers; one to combine the signal on the outside and another one to separate those signals on the inside of your home. Our Multi-switches have a integrated diplexer.