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This is a list of channels that can legally be viewed for free in North America, There are a over 1000 available channels, this list is just to give you a general idea of what is available, this list is just the beginning, you can find all satellite channels on All of these channels will require at least a 33" dish or anything larger.

Go to for more.

Free English TV

ABC News Now
Apostolic Oneness Network
Ariana Afghanistan TV
Church Channel, The
Create TV
Emmanuel TV
Fashion TV America
Global Christian Network
GnF Movie Channel
GnF Music
God's Learning Channel
Gospel Broadcasting Network
Hope Channel
IRS Satellite Network
KCBU RTN Salt Lake City UT
KFDF RTN Fort Smith AR
Maharishi Channel
Miracle Channel, The
Montana PBS
Muslim TV Ahmadiyya Intl
New York Network
Nigerian TV Authority
Ohio News Network
Patient Channel, The
Payam TV
PBS East
PBS West
Pentagon Channel
Research Channel
Russia Today
Smile of a Child
The Old Path
Tip TV
Trinity Broadcasting Network
TV Auction Network
University Network, The
University of Washington TV
Utah Education 110
Utah Education 120
Utah Education 130
Utah Education 140
Utah Education 199
Utah Education 160
Utah Education 170
Utah Education 180
Veterans Affairs Knowledge Network
WBMM Day Tuskegee AL
WGMU MyNet Burlington VT
White Springs TV
WMQF Fox Marquette MI
Word Network, The
WPXS RTN Mount Vernon IL
WYDN Day Worcester MA


Fox Sports Middle East on PAS 3
STARS of Faith on AMC 3
The Patient on AMC 3
Tip TV on AMC 3
PBS East on AMC 3
PBS You on AMC 3
PBS X on AMC 3
PBS Kids on AMC 3
Bloomberg TV US on AMC 3
MTA International on Telstar 4
RTN - Racetrack TV Network 8 channels on Galaxy 3C
3ABN on Telstar 11
3ABN Radio
SCN on Anik E2
Euronews on Telstar 5
WYDN-TV ( Worcester ) on Anik E1
KTWO-TV (NBC - Casper ) on Anik E1
WBIF-TV (PAX - Panama City ) on Anik E1
KTVC-TV (UPN - Roseburg ) on Anik E1
KQUP-TV (UPN - Spokane ) on Anik E1
WMQF-TV tests ( Marquette ) on Anik E1
WMQF-TV tests ( Marquette on Anik E1
Daystar TV on Anik E1
WPXS-TV (PAX - Mount Vernon ) on Anik E1
WBMM-TV (PAX - Montgomery) on Anik E1
KMMF-TV (FOX - Missoula ) on Anik E1
KUTH-TV (Univisión - Logan) on Anik E1
KPOU-TV (Univisión - La Grande) on Anik E1
KYPX-TV (PAX - Camden ) on Anik E1
KWBF-TV (WB - Little Rock ) on Anik E1
KWBS-TV (PAX - Eureka Springs) on Anik E1
Hot 96.5 (KHTE) ( Little Rock ) on Anik E1
Lick 106.3 (KLEC) ( Little Rock ) on Anik E1
KBBL-AM on Anik E1
KDRE-FM ( Little Rock ) on Anik E1
Maharishi Open University US
WMUU-FM - Unique FM


Video Italia (Italian) on Galaxy 10R
INN (Italian) on Galaxy 10R
TV Moda (Italian) on Galaxy 10R
Tele Pace (Vatican-Italian) on Galaxy 10R
Marco Polo (Italian) on Galaxy 10R
Alice TV (Italian) on Galaxy 10R
NORTH AMERICAN (english)Fox News Channel on PAS 3


Abu Dhabi TV
Syria Satellite Channel
Al-Manar TV
Jamahirya Satellite Channel
Nile TV International (Arabic/English)
Saudi Channel PSC - Palestinian Satellite Channel
Dubai EDTV
Dubai Sports
Dubai Business
MTV Lebanon
Iraq Satellite Channel
Kuwait Space Channel
Sahar TV
Al Quran Al Kareem Radio
Main Arabic Programs Radio
ANA Radio
Emarat FM


VTV 4 (Vietnamese) on Telstar 5
Thai TV5 (Thai) on Telstar 5
SBC TV promo (Indian) on Telstar 5
TVI (Tamil/Indian) on Telstar 5
CCBC Taiwan Radio on Telstar 5
CCBC Pop Radio on Telstar 5
CCBC News Radio on Telstar 5


Hi Tech TV (Serbian) on Telstar 5
Pink Plus (Serbian) on Galaxy 10R
RTS Sat (Serbian) on Galaxy 10R
MKTV Sat (Macedonian) on Galaxy 10R
HIC TV (Croatian) on Telstar 5
Radio Hrvatska (Croatian) on Telstar 5
HTV (Hrvatska Televizija - Croatian) on Telstar 5
Alpha TV (Greek) on Galaxy 10R
ERT Sat (Greek) on Galaxy 10R
Mega Cosmos (Greek) on Galaxy 10R
TV Polonia (Polish) on Telstar 11
TV Romania International (Romanian) on Telstar 5
Ajara TV (Georgian-Russian) on Telstar 5
Euronews (7 languages) on Telstar 5
KurdSat (Kurdish) on Telstar 5
Kurdistan TV on Telstar 5
Radio Dimensione Suono on Telstar 5
Radio Warszawa on Telstar 5
Futbol de Primera Radio on Telstar 5
WRN 1 North America Radio on Telstar 5
WRN 2 North America Radio on Telstar 5
WRN Français on Telstar 5
DW Radio 1 on Telstar 5
Polskie Radio 1 on Telstar 5
Trójka on Telstar 5
Radio 21 (Kosovo) on Telstar 5


CCTV4 (Mandarin) on Galaxy 3C
MAC TV (Chinese) on T5, T11 & Satmex 5
Tzu Chi TV (Chinese) on Telstar 5
UCN TV (Chinese) on Telstar 5
SVC Shopping (Chinese) on Telstar 5
GCGI (Chinese) on Telstar 5
BLTV - Buddhism TV (Chinese) on Telstar 5


Azadi on Telstar 5
IPN on Telstar 5
Pars TV (PTN) on Telstar 5
Appadana International on Telstar 5
Farsi TV on Telstar 5
Persian TV Channel 1 One on Telstar 5
Jame-Jam TV Network 2 US on Telstar 5
Jaam-e-Jam International on Telstar 5
ITN Iran TV Network on Telstar 5
IRINN - Iran News Network on Telstar 5
NITV - National Iranian TV on Telstar 5
PBC Tapesh on Telstar 5
Melli TV on Telstar 5
Assyria Sat on Telstar 5
IRIB Radio 1 on Telstar 5
Radio Iran KIRN 670 (LA) on Telstar 5
Radio Sedaye Iran on Telstar 5
Radio BCS Iran/Afghan on Telstar 5
Baha'i Radio Payam-e-Doost on Telstar 5
VIRI - Voice of Islamic Rep.of Iran Radio


KBS (Korean) on Galaxy 10R
SBS (Korean) on Galaxy 10R
YTN (Korean) on Galaxy 10R
WOW (Korean) on Galaxy 10R
Korean Gospel on Galaxy 10R
Radio Korea on Galaxy 10R
KISB 3(Korean) on Telstar 5
Radio Korea on Telstar 5
Radio Seoul on Telstar 5


African TV (AIT) - on Telstar 5
RayPower 106.5 FM - on Telstar 5
HSTV - Haitian TV on Telstar 5
See for a complete list of all Free-To-Air satellite channels available in North America.


Côte d'Ivoire Int'll
Cubavisión Int'l on PAS 9
Rede Corporativa on Anik F1
Canal Auto on Anik F1
Canal Estratégia on Anik F1
Canal Gestão on Anik F1
Canal 6 TV on Anik F1
KTEL-TV on Anik E1


Samanyolu TV World on Telstar 5
TRT International on Telstar 5
Voice of Turkey Radio on Telstar 5
TRT FM on Telstar 5