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Return and Refund Policies!!

FTA receivers come preprogrammed with the manufacturer's FTA software that enables you to receive all of the free to air channels offered by free to air satellites. We provide customer support for the preprogrammed manufacturer's software only. & the Manufacture do not permit refunds on returns. Only exchanges & repairs are possible. Downloading anything other than the manufacturers FTA program could be illegal and will definitely void your warranty. We do not provide support for program downloads that may enable you to receive Pay Per View channels. Receiving PPV channels without paying for them is illegal and we will not assist you in acquiring the means to receive them. If your unit has a genuine defect please e-mail us and we will respond to you requesting specific information that will assist us in proceeding with the return/exchange process.


Customers accept all terms and conditions prior to purchasing from this site. Please read the terms and conditions prior to ordering as we will not be responsible for customers not reading the conditions before purchase.
Return/Refund Policies
No returns after 10 days from ORDER DATE. 20% Minimum restocking fee is applicable on all returns or exchanges.
All satellite dishes purchased through this site are nonrefundable. We will only replace defective parts. The reason for this is we only want to retail "new" product to our customers and we do not want any opened item stock. There will be no refunds on satellite dishes. If the dish is sent back to our warehouse, it will be considered abandoned property. We do not accept these items back and will not pay for return shipping on them being shipped back. If you request an RMA on a package, the RMA is only valid for the package equipment and not the Satellite dishes. Please be advised that we will not tolerate charge-backs on items that are not returned to our warehouse. Dishes will not be accepted back, but this does not mean that the rest of the package should not be returned if we have provided an RMA to you.

If you cancel an order before it is shipped, you will be charged an unrecoverable merchant fee for the cancellation. Normally this is a 4% nonrefundable credit card fee, plus $5.00 refund transaction fee. This can change based on customer's original order. These merchant fees are not refunded to our company by the credit card processor under your cancellation and Satmaniacs will not be responsible for these fees should you change your mind. These fees are applicable to products that have been placed as "Prepay Only" or "Backordered" should you change your mind on the order. You will see a detailed account of these refund fees on your refund receipt sent to you by the credit card processor to your e-mail address. Should you not receive this receipt you may submit a request that this information to be resent.
If there is a problem with your order and we have attempted to contact you with no response for 3 or more business days, your order will be refunded as per our refund policies posted on this site.

Satmaniacs is not responsible for customers entering an incorrect e-mail address at time of purchase, or if your e-mail client routes our messages to a junk or spam folder.
No returns are accepted without an RMA issued from this company Satmaniacs and its corresponding sites. If you return a product without an RMA the package will be refused. All packages must be returned via traceable method. All returns are sorted by tracking number when they are accepted into the warehouse and without a tracking number the product will be considered abandoned if we cannot confirm delivery of the product within 4 days of delivery. We are not responsible for returns sent back without a tracking number. You will not see a refund post to your card, until a tracking number for the return, or exchange is provided. Do not use self-serve USPS terminals, as these tracking numbers that are issued are not traceable via the web.

To obtain an RMA # (Return Material Authorization) Number, please contact the service department at the following link:

No returned merchandise will be accepted without a VALID return authorization number on the shipping label. To obtain an RMA number, the Customer should be prepared to give the following information:

1. Customer name and address
2. Serial number of the product
3. Description of the malfunction or defect, if any
4. Proof of date of purchase and/or receipt
5. Specifications concerning model number, and any options.

In the event that you download any software to your receiver, the warranty is voided. Please note again that Satmaniacs is not responsible for the manufacturer's warranty, this is a manufacturer warranty provided by the MANUFACTURER. We can provide the contacts to the manufacturer at request. Any unauthorized software or non-manufactures firmware uploaded to your receiver will automatically void the warranty of the receiver. The manufacturer does not support third party software, and neither does this website or its parent company Satmaniacs. Should you modify your receiver in any way, you will void your warranty. We are not responsible for receivers that have been modified. In the event that you have been given an RMA by this company and the product is returned to our warehouse, it will be tested by one of our technicians. Should you return your receiver and not inform our company that you have downloaded software to your receiver and the technician tests it and finds out that this is the reason for the failure of the equipment, you will be charged a technician fee, as well as a repair fee and return shipping. If you have been given our account to return the product back to our warehouse and it is found that you have modified your receiver and it needs to be repaired, you will also be charged this shipping cost that was put on our account. Should you choose not to repair, the receiver within 5 days of notification (via e-mail to the e-mail address given at the time of the order), the receiver will be considered abandoned. You will not receive any refunded funds for this receiver, and in the event that this was charged to our account for shipping, you will be charged these fees to your credit card on file. Exchanges are not permitted on repair receivers. Satmaniacs is not responsible for accessories returned with repairs. Should you return a product back for repair with batteries, manual, DiseqC switches, remotes, cables, or any other accessories you will risk these items not being returned to you at the completion of the repair. We are not responsible for items sent back for repair being lost or damaged in shipping, please ensure that you have the correct insurance on your return package, as well as tracking, and proper packaging.

1) Coolsat -
2) Pansat -
3) Viewsat -
4) Neusat -
5) Neosat -

Returned merchandise for Repair:
1. Make sure you complete and return to the manufacturer the warrantee registration card provided with your receiver purchase.

2. A $35 labor charge, plus return shipping charge will be assessed on products or accessories returned for warranty repair

3. Customer is solely responsible if RMA Merchandise is damaged in shipping. Any such unit will be repaired at standard out of warranty rates.

4. Customer is responsible for shipping / insurance to our warehouse. We are not responsible for returned items lost during shipping. Make sure you have enough insurance coverage.

5. RMA numbers are valid for no more than 15 (fifteen) days from issue date.

6. We cannot guarantee that any RMA Merchandise will be delivered on a specific date.

7. We will attempt to ship RMA Merchandise from Mail-In Service within 5 to 10 working days of receiving the unit.

8. Repair Merchandise will be considered abandoned if no contact with the customer can be made within 5 days of receipt. At that time, the abandoned merchandise will become the property of us.

9. Accessories should not be returned with the repair item. This includes DiseqC switches, remotes, batteries, manuals, cables and any other accessories not specified here. We are not responsible for accessories that are not returned with the repaired receiver.

10. Warrantee work is provided by the MANUFACTURER and/or their representative directly and not by us. When you got your order the first time, your item came with a warrantee card and the address where to send it for repairs or warrantee claim. We can provide contact information upon request.
Returned merchandise for Refund:

1. All returned merchandise for refund must be in absolute perfect and new condition, in original carton with all manufacturers included accessories.

2. Minimum restocking fee is 20% for all returned merchandise.

3. Missing accessories will result in a reduced credit amount by the actual replacement cost of those items.

4. All warranty cards (if initially provided by the manufacturer) must be left blank.

5. Original merchandise box must not be defaced or altered in any way.

6. If products is purchased in new condition and returned in a condition such that it cannot be resold as new ( damaged, scratched, with missing or damaged packaging, and/or missing parts), another 25% refurbishment fee will be applied in addition to the restocking fee.

7. Merchandise initially returned as defective, whose defect cannot be verified, will incur a restocking fee as well as a freight charge for replacement shipment.

8. Merchandise initially shipped 'double-boxed' must be returned to us in like fashion.

9. Shipping charges are not refundable.

10. Purchaser is responsible for shipping / insurance to our warehouse. We are not responsible for returned items lost during shipping.

11. Credits will be posted to the appropriate account within 14 days of receipt

12. Any freight-damaged goods should be reported immediately within 5 days of receipt to UPS. We are not responsible for lost packages. We will submit a claim form within 5 days, as your package is insured. If it is found that the carrier rules in your favor, they will issue a check to replace the missing items, and the product will be reshipped. We do not issue refund checks for missing product. We will replace the merchandise should the carrier rule in your favor.

13. Customers will receive less than full credit on any merchandise returned to sender as either refused or undeliverable (other than freight damaged goods) due to return shipping charges.
14. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED beyond 10 days from ORDER DATE

Packaging the unit:
o Use the original box and packaging materials if possible.
o If the original packaging is not available use a box that will allow for proper protection.
o Include a copy of your invoice/receipt inside the package.

Addressing the unit:
The RMA # must appear on the outside of the package or our Receiving Department will refuse to accept the package.
NOTE: Warrantee is provided by the manufacturer and/or their representative directly and not by us.

Shipping the unit:
You are responsible to pay for the shipping of the unit to us.
We recommend that you insure your package, as we cannot be responsible for any damage to or loss of the unit until it is received in our facility.
The following shipping methods are recommended: UPS, Federal Express, DHL, or Airborne Express.
If you use the US Postal Service make sure you use Certified or Registered with a tracking number. Do not use self-service USPS terminals as they are not traceable via the web and we cannot confirm receipt.

Note: Shipping to Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands and Canada are extra call or e-mail before ordering or your order will be refunded.

Any questions about this or other policies of the company please e-mail us.