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Customers accept all terms and conditions prior to purchasing from this site. Please read the terms and conditions prior to ordering as we will not be responsible for customers not reading the conditions before purchase.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not, simply return the items you don't want in New Condition, in its original packaging, within 10 days from your Order Date and we will refund your money or exchange the item subject to the return policy detailed below. Dish antennas and auction sales are Final Sale and cannot be returned. No refunds on system standard installation.


Please note that the customer accepts the shipping option set on this site. If you cancel an order before it is shipped, you will be charged an unrecoverable merchant fee for the cancellation. Normally this is a 4% nonrefundable credit card fee, plus $10.00 refund transaction fee. This can change based on customer's original order. These merchant fees are not refunded to our company by the credit card processor under your cancellation and SatManiacs will not be responsible for these fees should you change your mind. These fees are applicable to products that have been placed as Prepay Only or Backordered should you change your mind on the order. You will see a detailed account of these refund fees on your refund receipt sent to you by the credit card processor to your e-mail address. Should you not receive this receipt you may submit a service ticket at the following link and request this information to be resent.

If there is a problem with your order and we have attempted to contact you with no response for 3 or more business days, your order will be refunded as per our refund policies posted on this site. SatManiacs is not responsible for customers entering an incorrect e-mail address at time of purchase, or if your e-mail client routes our messages to a junk or spam folder.

Please note that we request signature service on most of our packages, should you request that the service be taken off, we will e-mail you letting you know that this is not an option. You can arrange delivery with the courier company by contacting them and providing your tracking number to their representatives.

We only ship to Paypal VERIFIED customers. Please note that your order will be placed on hold until you have confirmed your Paypal account. Please e-mail or telephone us when this has been completed. For faster service you may e-mail us the e-mail verification that Paypal has sent to you so that we can take your order off hold and process to ship.


All satellite dishes purchased through this site are nonrefundable. We will only replace defective parts. The reason for this is we only want to retail "new" product to our customers and we do not want any opened item stock. There will be no refunds on satellite dishes. If the dish is sent back to our warehouse, it will be considered abandoned property. We do not accept these items back and will not pay for return shipping on them being shipped back. If you request an RMA on a package, the RMA is only valid for the package equipment and not the Satellite dishes. Please be advised that we will not tolerate charge-backs on items that are not returned to our warehouse. Dishes will not be accepted back, but this does not mean that the rest of the package should not be returned if we have provided an RMA to you.



Please be advised if you download any unauthorized software to your receiver, this warranty is void and the manufacturer will not honor the warranty. SatManiacs. Is not responsible for the use of software or for the manufacturers denying the warranty based on their findings.

The Manufacturer warranty is as follows, and extends Only to the original USA user of the equipment and is limited to the purchase price of each part. This warrantee only covers USA buyers and does not extend to non-USA buyers. Non-USA buyers should contact the manufacturer directly about any warrantee coverage or claim in their country. Manufacturer(s) warrant products against defects in materials or workmanship as follows:

LABOR: For a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase, if manufacturer determines that the equipment is defective subject to the limitations of this warranty, manufacturer will replace or repair it at no charge for labor. Manufacturer warrants any such work done against defects in materials or workmanship for the remaining portion of the original warranty period.

PARTS: For a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase, Manufacturer will supply, at no charge, new or rebuilt replacement parts in exchange for parts manufacturer determines are defective subject to the limitations of this warranty. Manufacturer warrants any such replacement parts against defects in materials or workmanship for the remaining portion of the original warranty period. (Note: "Parts" may include the antenna assembly, receiver, LNBF, remote control, or antenna mounting hardware. It does NOT include other parts purchased separately.)

This warranty "does not cover" installation of the systems. If applicable, such installation will be warranted under a separate installation agreement.

In the event that you download any software to your receiver, the warranty is voided. Please note again that SatManiacs is not responsible for the manufacturers warranty, this is a manufacturer warranty provided by the MANUFACTURER. SatManiacs can provide the contacts to the manufacturer at request. Any unauthorized software or non-manufactures firmware uploaded to your receiver will automatically void the warranty of the receiver. The manufacturer does not support third party software, and neither does this web site or its parent company SatManiacs Inc. Should you modify your receiver in any way, you will void your warranty. We are not responsible for receivers that have been modified. In the event that you have been given an RMA by this company and the product is returned to our warehouse, it will be tested by one of our technicians. Should you return your receiver and not inform our company that you have downloaded software to your receiver and the technician tests it and finds out that this is the reason for the failure of the equipment, you will be charged a technician fee, as well as a repair fee and return shipping. If you have been given our account to return the product back to our warehouse and it is found that you have modified your receiver and it needs to be repaired, you will also be charged this shipping cost that was put on our account. Should you choose not to repair, the receiver within 5 days of notification (via e-mail to the e-mail address given at the time of the order), the receiver will be considered abandoned. You will not receive any refunded funds for this receiver, and in the event that this was charged to our account for shipping, you will be charged these fees to your credit card on file. Exchanges are not permitted on repair receivers. SatManiacs Inc. is not responsible for accessories returned with repairs. Should you return a product back for repair with batteries, manual, DiseqC switches, remotes, cables, or any other accessories you will risk these items not being returned to you at the completion of the repair. We are not responsible for items sent back for repair being lost or damaged in shipping, please ensure that you have the correct insurance on your return package, as well as tracking, and proper packaging.

This warranty "does not cover" consumer instruction, physical set up or adjustment of any consumer electronic equipment, remote control batteries, signal reception problems, loss of use of the equipment, or unused programming charges due to equipment malfunction.

This warranty "does not cover" cosmetic damage, damage due to lightning, electrical surges, fire, flood, or other acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, repair or alteration by other than our factory service, negligence, or improper or neglected maintenance.

This warranty "does not cover" equipment sold AS IS, or WITH ALL FAULTS, auction sales, equipment removal or reinstallation, shipping damage if the equipment was not packed and shipped in the manner prescribed, nor equipment purchased, serviced, or operated by other dealers.

We feel that it is very necessary to tell the truth about all FTA manufactures and their so called warranty. From experiences with our customers and their dealings with manufactures, there is no such thing as a manufacturer warranty with the receivers available in North America. Do not let this deter you from buying, as we are positive that you want to know the truth about products and not be misled with information just so that a sale can be made. Very rarely are there any problems with an FTA receiver as there are no moving parts inside the unit. If you purchase from us and the unit is DOA (dead on arrival) we will gladly exchange the unit for you, providing you have not modified it with unauthorized software (firmware). Please note that all receivers will be tested by our technicians upon return to our warehouse, and all firmware is detectable. Should we not be informed of a previously modified receiver you will risk extra charges for the technicians time. The technician cannot be fooled, technology does not lie, so honesty is the best policy.

It seems like the manufactures have dropped the ball when promising that they have a warranty, but it really should be called a repair charge.

Many online retailers claim to have a warranty for the FTA receivers they sell, but how can they when the manufactures cannot warranty their own product?

That is why we are telling you that they will charge for a repair.
The bottom line here is if your receiver malfunctions, you will need to send it to the manufacture at one of the addresses below. They will repair it for a fee.

We do not support any unauthorized software upgrades to FTA receivers or DVB cards. This could be one of the reasons why the manufactures are clamping down on their warranty claims.

Here is a list of the manufactures and their web site:

1) Coolsat -

2) Pansat -

3) Viewsat -

4) Neosat -


We do not offer Overnight shipping as of yet see the shipping page for updates. 2-3 Day express is available on FTA receivers only providing you have the order approved and confirmed by 12 PM EST. Many of the receivers will be received with in one day, however we only guarantee 2-3 Day shipping as a rule. We cannot guarantee Saturday delivery, as many delivery locations do not offer this service. Dishes and Complete satellite systems with a dish are unable to be shipped overnight because of their size and weight of the package. Typically, most satellite packages will arrive within 7 business days. We cannot guarantee shipping times as we are not the courier company. Please note that shipping costs are not refunded. Any shipping credits will be assessed, as a claim to the courier company, if the claim is granted credits will be addressed accordingly. Shipping around holidays is solely based on the courier company's policies. SatManiacs will not be responsible for packages returned to sender based on shipping delays. These shipping fees will not be refunded and you may incur a


Typically SatManiacs. Stocks most items in US. In some instances there will not be stock in one location. If you are concerned about an item being shipped internationally please contact a representative prior to ordering in order to find out if there is stock in your country. We will not be responsible for products returned to sender because they are shipped internationally. It is up to the customer to confirm the product location. Should you live in Canada and do not have your own Customs Broker, UPS will clear customs on your behalf. They will send you an invoice directly. SatManiacs. or this website is not responsible for duties or taxes on a customers purchase. UPS accepts most methods of payment for your convenience.

If you live outside of the 50 States of America or Canada AND would like to pay with a credit card, we require you to fill out a CREDIT CARD CONSENT FORM. We also require copies of the front and back of the credit card being used and a copy of Government Issued photo ID. E-mail, or scan (preferable) this information back to or e-mail us by following this link Credit card consent forms can be requested at that e-mail as well. In instances that an order is made where the address verification is undetermined and we are unable to get a hold of the credit card processor, or if you are unable to add a secondary address to your credit card billing address and would like the product shipped somewhere other than the billing address, you may be required to fill out a credit card consent form even if you are within the 50 States of America and Canada. If you make a purchase and decide to not comply with this company policy, you will be subject to our credit card return policies. All customers accept all terms and conditions prior to purchase.


SatManiacs. By rule only ships to the billing address of the credit card. You may notice this when checking out that there is not an option for an alternate address. Should you wish to add a secondary ship to address onto your credit card by calling the credit card company and adding it, we can confirm that this has been done and in this case we will ship to an alternate address. We will require the 1-800 number on the back of the card in order to contact the credit card company to confirm. Please inform us when this has been completed and one of the representatives from our company will take the appropriate steps required. You may also add all of this information in the additional notes section of your order. Please note that without the 1-800 number on the back of the card, we are unable to confirm this information, please ensure that this number as well as the alternate ship to information is in the notes section of the order. Should the credit card issuer not allow you to add a secondary ship to address, the option to fill out the credit card consent form and provide the additional information required, is available. Please see International Shipping for more details and information on how to acquire one of these forms.


Shipping damages and/or shortages must be reported to the carrier and our company within 5 days of delivery. Claims cannot be opened after this time. Products will not be shipped, or replaced until the courier has completed their investigation. Please note that there are no refunds on courier claimed products. Once the investigation is completed the products will be RESHIPPED not refunded. We do not issue checks or refunds for completed claims. The product, should the claim be granted, will be reshipped to the approved address of the credit card. Please ensure that you have purchased the appropriate insurance for your package. SatManiacs is not responsible for claims that have been under insured.

Missing products must be reported within 5 days of delivery. Products will not be replaced after this time. We may require pictures of the packaging and the products as they were delivered to be emailed to us. Once we receive these pictures it may be 3-5 days before you will receive a tracking number if it is found that the products were missed. All customers are e-mailed a tracking number to follow their package along and this information can be acquired at the following link or If you see that your package tracking has not been updated in 3 days, it is up to you to inform one of our representatives in order to initiate a trace on the package. If you see that your package has been delivered and signed for and you were not the one to receive it, it is up to you to inform a representative within 2 days of the delivery so that we can start a claim. Please note that the courier will complete their investigation and products will not be shipped, or replaced until the investigation is complete.

Should something be returned to our warehouse, either because a customer refuses the package, or for a return, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs. If the package is undeliverable because of an incorrect address, customer not being home, or otherwise, the package will be returned to sender. Shipping costs will not be refunded by SatManiacs, and your package may be subject to refund and restocking fees as per the policies of this site.


Do not return anything without reading the return policy. For complete information on our return policy, please see the policy posted at the following link:

20% Minimum restocking fee is applicable on all returns and exchanges. No returns are accepted without an RMA issued from this company SatManiacs and its corresponding sites. If you return a product without an RMA the package will be refused. All packages must be returned via track able method.


By clicking the Payment or Buy Now Button you have accepted all terms and conditions of this company SatManiacs and its corresponding sites. You have read the refund/return policy as requested on the returns portion of this page. All terms and conditions are final and nonnegotiable.